“La Prensa Grafika” (San-Salvador)Child prodigy of dancing.

“Boys express significant synchronism in each movement on the stage, that is the result of long hour rehearsals and that is the tool for achieving success. They already have this professionalism. In the first part of the concert there is everything, the dances inspired by the militant history of Georgia. In the second part movements are tidier and tender, like that part, when boys are flirting with girls by movements of their bodies.

But anyway boys are finishing the show by demonstration of their athletic features, dance, where the physical strength is the only possibility to fulfill difficult movements, like soar in the air, fall on the knees and twirling. Many people attending the shows expressed their will to see brilliant children once more. Little artists astonished audience, which met each of their movements with great ovations.”


  • “This is something awesome, something worth of watching and admiration. I wish we could imitate them in El Salvador!
  • Spectacular show! Should have more brilliant shows like this!
  • It’s fantastic, they are so impressionable!
  • It’s unique, brilliant! Children are so much absorbed by the art!
  • It’s dazzling! It’s a pity that more people could not see it; it’s the most beautiful thing, inspiring!
  • It’s remarkable! And the most important thing is that these are children, although the group has the high level typical to the group of adults. The trace of trainings is clear and what is interesting, that they start working from childhood to achieve the completely developed skills when they are adults.”